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Back to School Means Back to Your Garden!

For those with children, life practically stops during those summer months that your kids are at home. Considering that during this time most parents must now concoct days and days of fun-filled, exciting activities for their children (which is often a difficult feat), all household chores, adult duties and more—like gardening—get placed on the back burner. However, just like everything else in life, this too shall pass… and better yet, it actually has! As the back-to-school season is in full swing, we have come up with this great new tips and ideas on getting back to your garden:

Back to School Means Back to Your Garden!
  • Take maturity into account. Remember, these is only a small amount of time to work considering winter is right around the corner. Many fruits and vegetables have a maturity date of 50 days so you want to make sure that your crop is ready before the cold sets in on the frost day for those who live in colder temperatures.
  • Lettuce is often a great choice. Plant no later than August 30th and you’re good to go!
  • Say no to winter squash! This veggie needs ample time to grow and should actually be planted during the summer months, more specifically, June.
  • You have until August 15 to be in the clear for growing summer squash. Act fast!
  • Like snow peas? Plant no later than August 20th.
  • If for any reason you find yourself cutting it close, help your crop defy weather conditions by using a synthetic row cover that will help keep your garden thriving despite the change in temperature for just a little longer.

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