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An appealing landscaping work can bring you a high aesthetic value for your property no matter how big or small it is. Different properties demand different landscape arrangements, and it takes a real expert to do a wow piece. When it comes to landscaping, there are several ways to uplift the appearance of your garden.

  • Application of stonework

    Most of the gardens (particularly the large ones) crave for beautiful stonework such as walkways, walls, driveways and patios. At Gonzalez Landscaping & Tree services our well-experienced landscape professional can do wonders to your garden with such intricate work and maximize both aesthetic and financial value by a significant margin.

  • Outdoor building work

    Having outdoor structures like a kitchen and a fire pit can be a unique value addition to your property. Our professional landscape workers can do masterpieces to match your property and let you enjoy a whole new experience.

  • Paving

    Depending on the necessity, our professional landscape agency can do beautiful paving work on your garden. The result of such paving work is elegance. Such addition will create a great first impression on the people who visit your place.

  • Waterfalls/ponds

    Imagine the serene visual of a beautiful waterfall in your garden. How about a nice looking pond with beautiful ornamental fish and flowers in it? Our professional landscaping experts can make sure you get any of these options done perfectly. Such addition will make your home a peaceful and calm place that everyone loves.

  • Building of retaining walls

    Retaining walls helps to prevent soil erosion in addition to the obvious beauty they bring. There are various materials used to build these retaining walls; the selection of the material and the shape will depend on the type of the land, soil, and the preferred design.

  • Water fountains

    Apart from the waterfalls and ponds, natural looking water fountains can make your garden a totally different place. Our professional landscaping experts will have a broad range of fountain options to select from to match your garden.

  • Irrigation solutions

    To maintain the greenish appearance of your garden, you should have a perfect irrigation system. Our landscape specialist will suggest you the best irrigation option for your garden after studying the environment. A proper irrigation system should give no maintenance problems for the house owner.

  • Tree mulching

    To give a sharp edge to your garden, you should consider hiring a professional to carry out tree mulching tasks. While helping the trees to grow, mulching increases the appearance of the surrounding significantly.

In addition to the above list, there is a whole lot of other tasks carried out by professional landscape specialists. At Gonzalez Landscaping & Tree services, we always make sure to meet the expectations of the clients utilizing the years of industry experience. Please call us today for any information you need about landscape arrangements.

We are professional landscapers that serves the Conejo Valley, Simi Valley and West San Fernando Valley.

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